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Dish tv trying to Cheat with Mecca Madina Channel Feed

Dish tv is trying to cheat with Mecca Madina Channel Feed. When they first added the program they were telecasting where not matching with exact time and date and the even the name of channel was given improperly, now they adjusted name, time to match with saudi time but the date they forgot to correct, they are simply showing the recorded content to match with time but forgot that the date should be today but they are showing yesterday date .
And to show this recorded feed they are going to charge Rs 30 after 12 June 2016.

Whereas Sun Direct is showing Proper LIVE Feed

Today is 4th Ramazan in Saudi and 3rd in India, but they are showing 3 and sun direct showing 4th date exactly.

Here are both images taken at around 11.30am today

[align=center][ATTACHMENT NOT FOUND]



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  1. Dish TV Wants to Earn Quick Buck.. No Other Service Provider Cable / DTH has made the month long service PAID.. All Cable Operators Give Same Feed Throughout the year FREE OF COST..

    By Act Like This Tarnishes DISH TV Image…

  2. Today is 3rd for India and Dish TV India thought to show 3rd.

  3. Oh nice find bro
    They are cheating Massala maarke [emoji12]

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