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Dishtv 6+6 Winback Recharge Offer

DishTV now giving 6+6 Winback Recharge Offer. In this offer we will get 6 months free if we pay for 6 months. Condition to get this pack is that we should be atleast 90 days deactive! I came to know about this offer through this forum where MJ786 and Sadiq have mentioned about it. Sadiq got Tammana by availing this offer which made me also to avail that pack and get Tamana,Kajal etc,.

As like every DTH, these offers are for non paying customers who will get incentive for not wasting their money on the DTH 😀 and this offer is not for customers who regularly pay and make these DTH people survive.

I am one of those deactivated customer for a long time. When I called Dish TV customer care they told this offer can be done by the dealer and customer care can’t help in this regard. MJ786 in this forum helped me to activate this offer. Sadiq was also willing to help and just before I can PM my VC no. MJ activated the pack.

Thanks to MJ786 and Sadiq for making me avail this offer.

I paid Rs.3594 and got 1 year validity with almost all channels in Dish TV. This comes to Rs.299.50 per month. But one year I will be locked with Dish TV and live in their mercy.


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  1. thanks,yes i got it shifted renistalled and recharged last week, it was deactive for many months since late 2012

  2. @ Mulder Received ur PM and replied to it also

    bad Luck mate, as u already recharged normally we cannot go for this Offer 🙁

    If u had saw that thread and asked you could have saved 50% amount.
    Currently it is showing account as Active from 25th April till June, so this offer wont be applicable now :verysad:

  3. is your VC active or deactive? To avail this offer, it must have been deactive for more than 90days.. If its 90+ days then PM the VC number to me, will check and let you know if u can get this offer or not.

  4. howdo i get this?. now i have hd royale 599 pack plus hbo hd

  5. During that time my VC wasn’t able to activate the 6+6 offer.

  6. I Paid Befor The Price Hike. So It Was Rs 3360 For Me.. And Yes Locked To Dish TV… I Am Enjoying Many Channels With Unsubscribe BAR…

  7. Thats nice, enjoy the offer and get updates of offers in forum as and when we get from members here 🙂

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