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dishtv to revamp packages soon,will add more hd channel

dishtv is soon going to revamp some hd packages and bring some changes in hd packages,and will add new full hd channels
wait for full detail


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  1. dont be surprised.. if u find wierd packaging from Dishtv .. they never puts pack properly like other dth…. lets see tomorrow once we get to see new packs.. Their packaging system has never satisfied users especially HD..

  2. if dishtv also give base pack and then hd addon then it will be good for them just like how other dth has.How many channels they have in english entertainment pack that they are charging 100rs and also why including zee cinema which is hindi movie channel in it is completely confusing

  3. do you have any information on star asli hd channels ?

  4. [quote=’scorpionking76′ pid=’9526′ dateline=’1339155075′]
    Pls. provide the source

    now they started scrolls so if you have dishtv connection then please check for source

  5. The important True HD Channels missing in Dishtv are

    1. Zee TV HD
    2. Zee Cinema HD
    3. Zee Studio HD
    4. ESPN HD
    5. Star Cricket HD
    6. Star Plus HD
    7. Star Gold HD
    8. Star Movies HD
    9. Star World HD

  6. if they add 10 full Hd and increase rate then people might not be unhappy.lets see what do they do

  7. Pls. provide the source

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