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DTH Comparision Chart

DTH comparision chart , an email received from one of adtv employee.

I think this is what he got from his higher ups, they dont compare themselves with Reliance dth at all

Also dont know how far true they might have made this, this is just for information sharing

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  1. nope you forgot dishtv has few channels in SD version from Asiasat 100e which is received with mono block or extra lnb.. i told 273 only from Nss6/insat4b .
    they have 59 channels from asiasat satellite (sd + hd)

  2. 334-273=60 HD ???? but real is 21 HD.

    so total channel count 273+21=294 only (including their promo channels)

  3. not only that, but lot more things are wrong in that chart.. thats how they circulate their product informations to their employees.. none of them know the exact details there.

    here they mentioned Dishtv HD as 17 only, but they have more than that.

    Total channels count on Dishtv HD is 334 as per the STB itself.
    And for Dishtv Sd box for Nss6 it is 273

  4. here they are removed all service channel from videocon d2h but added unscaled dish tv channels.channel list are wrong
    airtel = 280 (8 half window) CH+15 HD+8 Service +3 airtel info+ 6 interactive = 312
    videocon =277 (14 half window) CH +22 HD+ 4 service +1 videocon info + 10 mosaics/interactive =318 (as per MJ bhai latest scan list 4th march)

    but dish tv 325 ????
    sun direct 213???
    tata sky 226 ???

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