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DTH _ HD channels comparision

Comparision among 4 dth players regarding the availability of HD channels as mentioned by Dishtv
They counted channels as 42, but they totally have 43 channels (including upscaled) and see D2h count 22 + 1 = 22 only for them 😀 😀



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  1. True SUN HD cannot become market leader by holding on to niche channel but by proper pricing and quality of service

  2. Sun TV HD I doubt and Sun people will try their best not to make that channel come on Dish HD. As of now only Sun Direct HD is having that channel. Without much HD channels Sun Direct HD is living its life.

  3. I think Dish TV is market leader beating D2H as far as HD is concerned. Only gripe is they don’t get ESPN Star sports and SUN TV network in HD. Once that happens they are unstoppable as of now

  4. Its 25 as per them, but it should be 26 + 17 = 43. But they put only 42.. maybe they forgot NGC Music HD

  5. then which one is another bro

  6. seriously we cant count baby tv as HD

  7. 25 I think it should be 27 , I think baby tv and ngc music are up scaled here

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