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EPG of 3 HD Channels updated in RDTV…

RDTV Updated the EPG  of MTunes HD , star Gold HD and Ze TV HD channels…


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  1. [quote=’Mr.Kumarbhai’ pid=’47772′ dateline=’1456289169′]
    EPG of Star Gold [HD] reverted back to Star Gold HD..

    Their technicians r getting bored

  2. Its strange …. y still they didnt update in STB 🙁

  3. still not updated




  4. here is update on my scan , i didnt scan since yesterday afternoon

    * Updated *
    1) Nagra Guide () 12523, H, 30000 Channel Name(“NG – Data – 9″=>”Nagra Guide”)
    2) Mtunes HD () 12523, H, 30000 Channel Name(“MTunes HD”=>”Mtunes HD”)
    3) Star Sports HD 1 (Big TV) 12523, H, 30000 Provider(“”=>”Big TV”)
    4) Star Gold (Big TV) 12523, H, 30000 Channel Name(“Star Gold HD”=>”Star Gold”)Provider(“”=>”Big TV”)
    5) Zee TV HD (Big TV) 12523, H, 30000 Channel Name(“Zee HD”=>”Zee TV HD”)Provider(“”=>”Big TV”)
    6) Star Sports HD 4 (Big TV) 12523, H, 30000 Provider(“”=>”Big TV”)
    7) MTV Indies HD (Big TV) 12523, H, 30000 Provider(“”=>”Big TV”)

  5. yes mr.kumarbhai, i scanned stb many times but still got old epg…check in below image.


  6. This is older one …
    [align=center][ATTACHMENT NOT FOUND][/align]

  7. Here  updated EPG …

  8. Really ! … Normally both in STB and Transponder updating EPG at thesame time … So then u may have to rescan STB… i forgot the method of Updating in RDTV Boxes…

  9. epg still not updated in stb, any reason ?

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