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Epic HD and FX hd testing on Tatasky

Epic HD and FX HD testing on Tatasky on Frequency 10970 H 32000


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  1. All testing channels available in scan for me.

  2. EPG now added on this Epic HD, Nat geo Wild HD from 12am
    FX HD says EPG not present at 12am but at 9Am it shows some 1hr duration program EPG

  3. Mj786,Kumarbhai u r the Winners and ur Forum is d first n exclusive to update abt testing of all these 9 Hd channels. U guys Rocks. Handsdown Winners.

  4. Please read Post #1309 and 1310 .. in http://www.dthhelp.net/Thread–Tatasky-and-Tatasky-HD-updates-from-Insat-4A?page=131

    * New *
    1) CAFE HD () 11050, H, 32000 8PSK 80% –
    2) MOVIES NOW HD () 11050, H, 32000 8PSK 80% –
    3) HISTORY TV18 HD () 11050, H, 32000 8PSK 80% –

  5. That doesnt matter or makes differance whether i am getting or not in my scan .. MJ got it in his Gadget .. thats enough for me and for our forum…

  6. Scan results of zee cafehd,historyhd,moviesnowhd also not posted.

  7. Why r u not getting these channels on ur scan if these channels r testing.

  8. Bro.. they r scan results and not SS of any testing channels.. U asked for SS of testing channels .. I have posted the scan results of Zee Cafe HD, Movies Now HD and History TV 18 HD which i got.. .. .
    I am not getting the recently testing channels Epic HD and others in my scan.. so how can i post those Scan results ?

  9. Here u posted abt Axn hd and others

  10. [quote=’SPANDAN’ pid=’41502′ dateline=’1442905798′]
    Kumarbhai i have seen u sharing SS of testing channels by tatasky so why not for these 6 hd channels…

    I was posting SS in those forums who want proofs as they dont even believe in themself..
    Can u show how many SS i have posted from Tatasky of testing channels here ..

  11. Spandan and all others who believe only on pics as proof and not on truth here is one of the pic to show

  12. Kumarbhai i have seen u sharing SS of testing channels by tatasky so why not for these 6 hd channels…

  13. wow !! Great news … now so called great experts and their chelas will scratch their heads, or something else 😛 … this is called BIG news..

  14. [quote=’SPANDAN’ pid=’41485′ dateline=’1442900132′]
    Bhai can u pls post SS.

    sorry, cant now. Have to keep something exclusive in scanning .

    I wont mind if anyone is not going to believe it. I am just posting what i am getting and able to get details of.

  15. Epid HD — SID: 1303
    FX HD– SID 1304

  16. Bhai can u pls post SS.

  17. Nat Geo Wild HD too is testing

  18. Bhai pls post Screenshot.

  19. i can find out HD channels easily than SD version as they are few and easily noticed but SD channels are hard to find out , if any new SD channels expected then tell me name i can search for it if it is testing.

  20. yes 100%, i just go by what i get in my scanning. I dont need to fake anything.

  21. Are you SERiOUS MJBhai. ????

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