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ESPN HD 220 now

ESPN HD 220 now


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  1. with logo


  2. here no airtel logo,the same issue when sony six addition.

  3. [img]http://i.imgur.com/OTkT5CG.png[/img]

  4. issue solved

  5. Now ESPN goes blank

  6. Now channel added

  7. Any chance of this channel to be added in ADTV? Any reason for its removal?

  8. [quote=’people’ pid=’16667′ dateline=’1368478319′]
    ESPN HD 220 now

    😀 you posted this update at 2:21 am 🙂 just a min late

  9. yes ESPN hd removed from 11640, V

  10. yes, to me also just able to find Star Cricket hd,.. maybe they removed now ?

  11. According to the latest scan, only Star Cricket HD has been added on TP.

    * New *
    1) Star Cricket HD (Airtel) 11483,H,26600 76% –

  12. images LCN and stuck image



  13. now showing bbc world news.

  14. they got struggling with espn hd,now shows star cricket hd feed and breaking images.

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