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ET Now to launch 12-city investor education drive

MUMBAI: ET Now, the English business
news channel from Times Network,
has joined hands with the National
Stock Exchange (NSE) to launch a 12-
city outreach programme called
‘Nivesh India’ to create awareness
about equity investment in passive and
novice investors.
The NSE and ET Now will travel to the
12 cities of Bengaluru, Indore,
Jaipur, Cochin, Lucknow, Coimbatore,
Nagpur, Surat, Vizag, Patna,
Bhubaneswar and Siliguri, and speak
to people across 19 on-ground
forums. The channel claims that it
will educate users to invest in equity
markets and showcase how beneficial
it is for their future.
“The idea is to educate and encourage
non-investors to invest in equity
through the SIP and ETF route and be
a part of the Indian growth story,”
the channel said in a release.
Times Network MD and CEO MK Anand
said, “We, in India, are culturally and
financially still caught in an agrarian
mindset. Most of our wealth still goes
into real estate and gold and stays
locked yielding less than inflationary
returns. What is needed is a mindset
change, which is a communication job
and education task, a mission that a
media group of our stature is most
suited to do. ET Now will take on the
daunting task of clarifying and
simplifying stock market to Indian
investors. Under the SEBI’s guidance
and with the NSE as our partner, we
are certain that what we are starting
here will snowball into the largest
investor education drive in the world.
We look forward to contributing to
build a stronger India.”
ET Now chief editor of financial
markets Nikunj Dalmia will front the
series, talking to people by travelling
to their cities. Along with him, in
every city, the channel will get
successful investors from every city
talk to the people, clarifying their
doubts and removing their
apprehensions about investing in
equity markets.
The channel said that the entire
initiative right from its launch to
culmination would be integrated
editorially into the content where
anchors would talk about it on air and
urge viewers to be a part of the
programme in every city.
NSE MD and CEO Chitra Ramkrishna
added, “Something unique about this
programme is that we have tried to
reach Tier II and III cities this time.
With 19 programmes in these 12 cities,
we wish to cover multiple language
platforms and wider geographies.”
She further said that such initiatives
help to resolve lot of doubts and
questions that an ordinary person has
about capital markets.
The ‘Nivesh India’ initiative is
expected to cover various issues like
managing one’s wealth, dealing with
saving, and financial planning. This
will also talk about financial
instruments, returns comparison of
investing in different assets and
Each outreach camp will be supported
by on-ground promotion, newspaper
inserts, and pre-event promotion on

ET Now to launch 12-city investor education drive

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