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Eutelsat 16A @16E in coimbatore

I Hunted Eutelsat 16A @16E In coimbatore now cloudy season

11054 H 2894 3/4-Kurdistan TV (DVB-S/MPEG-2 fta)

Europe A_Coverage Map:

12656 V 4883 1/2-TV Shqiptar Satelit (DVB-S/MPEG-2 fta)

Europe B_Coverage Map:
by sharaf


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  1. @Amatan,Sathish
    8FT Offset dish.

  2. good work 🙂
    which are the satellites left over now for u to get?

  3. Excellent work Mr.Sharaf. 🙂

    Can we know the size of the dish used to hunt this satellite.

  4. Thank you LNB15K for the detailed explanation about the achievement. Well done Mr.Sharaf.

  5. Very nice effort once again from Mr.Sharaf from Coimbatore. Only few more satellites are remaining for him to be caught. He has posted two screen shots of the channels Kurdistan TV on the frequency 11054 H 2894 and TVSH Satelit on the frequency 12657 V 4882.

    Kurdistan TV comes on the beam Europe A beam

    TVSH Satelit is on the Europe B beam

    Nice achievement.

  6. Very good work of getting the satellite in Coimbatore. What is the dish size?

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