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EUTELSAT 9B in Coimbatore, South India on 6 feet dish

[align=center]Sharaf from Coimbatore has got the newly launched satellite EUTELSAT 9B which has been located at 9 degrees East, in Coimbatore on a 6 feet dish. He has got all tps except 4 tps on wide beam. [/align]

[align=center]Link to his blog post: [url=http://sharafscs.blogspot.in]http://sharafscs.blogspot.in[/url][/align]



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  1. For seeing this people go for tourist spots but you are living there itself 🙂

  2. East side is my Farm .. west side is hills …

  3. Looks like no chance on old 8ft location 🙁 Is is farm land or forest or garden? looks big and trees are thick and lush.

  4. U R Right… now the sats signals r more stronger than earler days … but sad thing is almost all Recievers /tuners r not good as earler used to even after advanced technology.. older Recievers can still get more signals than most of present advanced tech tuners …
    Presntly i dont have that old Stamped metal dish… Once that bcome rusted i had sold …      any way thats not the reason for not getting signals… ::D
    Sadly in western direction hills and trees r blocking more than earlier… see this picture which is taken from the same postion where i got Arabsat .. even the Pol of Dish is still exists  .. its in back side of my house…

    [align=center][ATTACHMENT NOT FOUND][/align]

    The same         in the Eastern side too … atleast some thin line is allowing me to get signals upto 125°E…

    [align=center][ATTACHMENT NOT FOUND][/align]

  5. @Kumarbhai, Satellites are much stronger than earlier and also this Eutelsat in particular as his place is more eastern compared to yours. So signal might be much stronger for you. One big problem you might face are the trees. If it is clear towards your western side then there are chances for you to get this satellite that too on 8ft stamped dish.

    25 years back there was only C band for us and that Arabsat had around just 34-35dBw for south India. So we might get only few tps. But now this is Ku band and as it comes on 6ft itself I guess it might be around 38-40 dBw. On his 8ft he says he gets all the frequencies of this satellite. So we also may get.

    For me too many trees blocking 🙁

    @MJ you also try if possible. You are more nearer to its official beam.

    @LNB15K welcome back. Long since we saw you. Hope to see you posting DX updates like earlier.

  6. hope the satellite finds my Dish 🙂

    Nice to see Sharaf back to his tracking and you back to forums

  7. welcome back bro…
    Regarding i am tracking this sat is not possible … my location is surrounded by Hills .. About 25 years back i tracked Arabsat @ 25° E but got only few frequencies .. that was in 8ft stamped metal SHARC STAR Dish .. beyond that direction i am not getting any signals…

  8. Welcome back. Long since we saw you. Good information.

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