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Exclusive HD Access Fee Offer on 6th December 2015

Tata Sky Exclusive HD Access Fee
Offer (’Offer’) is a promotional
scheme which is being offered by Tata
Sky Limited (’Tata Sky’) to its
Eligible Subscribers. Eligible
Subscribers shall mean a Tata Sky
Subscriber who has an Active Account
Status and does not fall within the
category mentioned in B (1) of the
General Terms.
Under this Offer, on 6th December
2015, Tata Sky will offer a discount
on the HD Access Fee to its Eligible
Subscribers. Under this Offer the HD
Access Fee shall be at the rate of
Rs.5/- for the initial period of thirty
(30) days (‘Initial Period’) instead of
the regular price of Rs.175/- per
month charged by Tata Sky to
subscribers who pay the HD Access
Fee. For avoidance of doubt, it is
clarified that beyond the Initial
Period, the Eligible Subscribers shall
be charged the regular price of
Rs.175/- per month or such other
price as may be charged by Tata Sky at
that period of time.

To avail this Offer, the Eligible
Subscriber has to make payment of
the HD Access Fee on 6th December
2015, anytime between 00:00 hours to
23:59:59 hours by any of the
following methods:

Missed call: By giving a missed call on
076799 76799 from the Registered
Mobile Number (‘RMN’) of the Eligible
Tata Sky website: By logging on to My
Tata Sky on www.mytatasky.com .
Helpline: By calling the Tata Sky
helpline number 18602086633.

After making payment of the HD
Access Fee, the Eligible subscribers
will be able to watch all the High
Definition Channels which is/are a
part of their subscription either
through Base Pack, Add on Pack or
Standard Definition A-la-carte.

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