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Exclusive Snaps of NGC Wild Channel

Some Snaps Of This Channel:-



Snap Of Guide:-


Snap Of Status Bar:-


Snap Of Lanuage Selector[color=#0000CD][You can listen this channel in English/Tamil][/color]:-



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  1. Tata sky provides many language options.

  2. Yes this channel availalbe in English and Tamil on 555 channel

  3. But I have seen some forums dont allow images or even links which mentions other forums. But not all are like crap Bhat and Jignesh.

  4. [quote=’amatan’ pid=’2486′ dateline=’1322568873′]
    Bapun other forum logo is allowed here?

    Yes Amatan I told OK to post.

  5. Yes,dthhelp[Admin] has allowed me to post. 🙂
    As it is posted in my forum i have posted here as a sharing. 🙂

  6. Bapun other forum logo is allowed here?

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