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F7 Broadcast to split up with Focus TV, to launch News World India

The new Hindi news channel will go
on air in the next 45 days. The
channel will be available pan
India. Shailesh Kumar is the Group
Editor in Chief and CEO
F7 Broadcast, which is a content
provider to Focus TV, is all set to
start its own news channel. The
name of the news channel will be
News World India.
Positiv Media owns the license of
Focus News and has a content
contract with F7 Broadcast.
According to the source close to
the development, “F7 will operate
from the same Noida office and
they are ready to launch in next
45 days. The channel has got their
license too and the team will
remain the same.”
F7 Broadcast Ltd was formed in
early 2014. The channel will be
available pan India.
Shailesh Kumar, Group Editor in
Chief and CEO of the upcoming
channel said, spoke about the
tough competitive market, and the
scope for a new Hindi news
channel. He said, “When there is
competition there is an
opportunity too. We will not be a
channel of political dialogue. We
will come as a people’s channel.”
He added, “The channels available
in the market are debate
channels, we will be the first
Hindi news channel that is the
need of our market.”
Talking about the advertisers on
the channel, the CEO said, “We
will be very brand conscious.”

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