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FEC of 11510 H 32000 Updated.

FEC of 11510 H 32000 Updated from 2/3 to 5/6 by tatasky.


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  1. Yes..already 3_ HDchannels in testing mode.. Also maybe some SD chanells…

  2. but sir i hope some channels will be adding this festive season. i don’t expect bundle of channels addition

  3. Doctor saab .. thats how Tatasky from years.. maybe 1 or 2 occations they added few channels at once but they r very selective in adding channels .. only rumours by few guys makes the scene more intresting .. they r expecting/hoping/ making rumours by saying fake sources if any small update done by Tatasky … 😆

  4. Me toh dont expect anything now.

  5. Dont expect bundle of channels addition from Tatasky … 😛

  6. So Monsoon is over for Tatasky also new channels on the way.

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