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Flowers TV launches Travelling Food Show ‘Tasty Travels’


Kochi: In a first of its kind on Malayalam GEC space, Flowers TV presents the scintillating Travelling Food Show with the celebrity ‘Chef Anil Kumar’. The show will air on every Friday 10:00 to 10:30 PM starting from today (5th Aug)

Already a popular face through various TV cookery shows, Chef Anil Kumar has done various shows for about 12 years on the small screens and several more in the 5-star kitchens and cruise lines.

In each episode of Tasty Travels, Chef Anil Kumar travels the world in his food quest to discover the many culinary secrets of the most unique and delicious specialties in each county’s city/village/town/locality he visit, from the deep seas at Mussandam to the Icey Fjords in Norway.

He then showcases the recipe/cooking style to the audience in a rustic yet simplistic manner from the location.! The On Camera travel is conducted covering the scenary, flora & fauna, natural resources and how to cook like the natives and with recipes suitable for the discerning Indian television viewer.

Chef Anil describes in his inimitable candid style the location, food and ingredients in great detail and never fails to notice & point out the little details that add character to the farm, the river, beach, desert, eatery or the camp being featured as backdrop.

“People ask me, email me, message me….What’s your favourite food? Where do you go to eat something exotic? What’s the best thing you’ve ever had? And that’s why we are here now. Not only to tell you what I loved to eat, but where you can go to get it or even better – how you can make it …….” said Anil

The show will have a completely packaged aspects like Traditional & Rare recipes, local & ethnic cooking practice, sustainability & environment, cultural attractions, unseen and un- explored locations, new range of meats, seafood and ingredients at each new place…. All this and more with a tinge of adventure and lots of colourful, flavourful & mouthwatering entertainment….

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