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Fox Life completes one year, broadens content offerings

MUMBAI: It has been a year since Fox
International Channels (FIC) India
rebranded Fox Traveller as Fox Life.
Going forward, the channel will
broaden the scope of offerings.
Speaking to TelevisionPost.com, FIC
India business head Swati Mohan noted
that the company wanted to get the
global legacy of Fox Life while
retaining the local flavour of Fox
“We wanted to build a lifestyle
destination with both Indian and
international content. Fox Life today
has content from all pillars of
lifestyle, be it travel, food, fashion,
party, reality, music, you name it and
we have it.”
The goal was to build a channel that is
a great fit with fans and audience.
“They’ve loved our journey from
Traveller to Life. Our goal of having a
channel that covers lifestyle both in
India and globally has been achieved
through our India-made shows like
‘Style and the City’, ‘Soundtrek’,
‘Twist of Taste’, ‘Life Mein Ek Baar’,
as well as our array of international
shows like ‘Getaway’, ‘Street Food
around the World’ and ‘Latin
The challenge
There are challenges that Fox Life
and other players in the lifestyle
category face. “The lifestyle
category is considered not as big as
the GEC category and when it comes
to us, we’re the leader in this genre.
Like any other leader, we aim to grow
the genre and get more and more into
our fold,” said Mohan.
New genres
In terms of big upcoming properties,
Mohan points out that the channel will
introduce a new genre of home décor
with a new show called ‘Cousins
In addition, there is a brand-new
franchise that celebrates ‘No idea too
small, no dream too big’! “The biggest
names in Indian entrepreneurship will
live out their dreams on ‘Be Your Own
Boss’. The show brings together some
of India’s talented entrepreneurs like
the Bollywood choreographer Terence
Lewis, The Weirdass Comedy Company
owner Vir Das, pragmatist
restaurateur Riyaaz Amlani, and many
more,” said Mohan.
The channel will also have all-new
seasons of ‘Twist of Taste’ and
‘Soundtrek’. In addition, Fox Life will
continue to showcase all lifestyle
genres and add a new one this year.
Shedding light on the programming and
scheduling strategy, she said that the
channel is aware of audiences’
preferences and likes. “And that’s
what we work with and will continue
to do. Adapting timely, being relevant
and staying current are things we’re
following for Fox Life. Additionally,
we have broadened into lifestyle and
we’ll continuously strive to offer a
wider range of lifestyle genres.”
The channel constantly bolsters its
content library by making content
acquisitions. Shows that have been
bought recently include ‘Far Flung
with Gary Mehigan’, ‘Made in Italy
with Silvia Colloca’, and the earlier-
mentioned ‘Cousins Undercover’.
As with other lifestyle channels,
travel has been a big part of the
channel. “Shows like ‘Getaway’ work
very well when it comes to showcasing
the world to audiences. It’s a show
that is acquired and not locally
produced. We are proud of our India
productions like ‘Style & the City’
and ‘Soundtrek’ that showcase a
different side of Indian destinations
in a cool, cross-cultural, very Fox
Life way!”
The channel strives to understand
viewers better and how they react to
the channel. “We did one when Fox
Traveller changed to Fox Life and
have been doing many after. The fans
loved the change, they love the new
channel graphic and packaging, and
most of all, they loved our hosts and
the shows. As always, there are some
areas of improvement and we’re
working on them,” said Mohan.
To celebrate completing one year, Fox
Life launched a digital campaign on
social media platforms and roped in
digital influencers and bloggers to
talk about the first birthday. “We tied
up with Scoopwhoop and other native
websites to create buzz about the
birthday too. A unique idea that was
bought alive on our FB page and
Twitter was one where fans with their
birthdays on our birthday week were
given Fox Life birthday goodies. We
are also celebrating our anniversary
by putting our fans on TV through a
contest,” stated Mohan.
One big issue for the genre is whether
or not BARC is making a difference in
terms of giving specialty channels a
fair representation. “Whenever an
eco-system changes, there are its
ups and downs. We are working with it
and will strive to get better and
better at the ratings and growing the
The channel is looking at growing its
presence in the digital realm. “We
have a YouTube channel already, but
there are developments in the pipeline
we can talk about soon.”
The ad scene
Mohan noted that the ad scene is
definitely better this year compared
to 2014. “This is largely due to the
positive sentiments in the market
with the new government, new
categories like e-commerce firing the
marketplace and the existing FMCG,
auto and telecom further increasing
their spend. The entry of foreign
retail players, penetration of mobile
phones, awaited IPOs and a number of
auto launches are expected to boost
the ad market further,” she said.
In terms of Fox Life’s sales strategy,
she noted that the channel does both
run of day-part (RODP) and sponsored
slots. “We follow a combination of
both. While a strong focus on the
show-based sponsorships has helped
us to service the client better in
terms of solutions, relevance, etc.,
RODP helps in greater exposure and
brand presence. Therefore, clients
prefer a mixture of show-based and
RODP slots depending on their
The advertising clients have gone
beyond tourism boards. “Apart from
tourism boards, categories that have
gained traction are hotels, BFSI,
liquor and tobacco,” Mohan summed

Fox Life completes one year, broadens content offerings

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