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FX and FX HD gear up to launch 2 shows

MUMBAI: FX and FX HD are gearing up
to launch two new shows, namely
‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ and
‘The Affair’ from 10 October right
after the international telecast.
‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ is the
fifth season of the horror anthology
series and marks the debut of singer
Lady Gaga on TV. Gaga will play a
character with a predilection for
human blood.
The show will air at 11 pm on both the
channels, every Saturday.
The plot centres around Hotel Cortez
in Los Angeles that catches the eye of
an intrepid homicide detective. The
Cortez is host to the strange and
bizarre, spearheaded by its owner,
The Countess (Lady Gaga), who is a
bloodsucking fashionista. This season
will feature two murderous threats in
the form of the ‘Ten Commandments
Killer’, a serial killer who justifies
his actions in accordance with biblical
teachings, and ‘The Addiction Demon’,
who roams the hotel armed with a drill
bit dildo.
Gaga is replacing Jessica Lange, who
has been the centre focus of all the
series so far.
The series also includes a two-part
Halloween episode, ‘Devil’s Night’,
which will feature a dinner with ‘the
biggest serial killers of all time’
including Wuornos and John Wayne
‘American Horror Story: Hotel’
features one of the most expansive
sets in the series’ history, with
production designer Mark Worthington
building two stories on a soundstage,
along with a working elevator and
Besides this, the channel is also
bringing the second season of ‘The
Affair’, which will air at 10 pm every
Saturday on both the channels from
10 October.
‘The Affair’ depicts an emotional
journey of two couples struggling to
tackle their marriage and their
extramarital relationships, to strike
a balance between life and life’s
responsibilities, emotions,
expectations, memories and more.
Season 2 will pick up where the
previous series ended and the drama
will unfold through perspectives of all
the characters involved.

FX and FX HD gear up to launch 2 shows

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