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FX and FX HD to premiere ‘Dr Who’ season 9 and ‘Empire’ season 2 on 4 Oct

MUMBAI: Starting 4 October, FX and FX
HD will air new seasons of popular
shows ‘Dr Who’ and ‘Empire’.
British sci-fi television series ‘Dr
Who’ returns at 11 pm. It will air
every Sunday.
Fans of the show will not have to wait
long to be a part of the adventure as
with FX Torrents ‘Dr Who’ will air in
India right after its international
The show depicts the adventures of
the ‘Doctor’, a Time Lord, a space and
time-travelling humanoid alien, who
explores the universe in his Tardis, a
sentient time-travelling spaceship.
Its exterior appears as a blue British
police box, which was a common sight
in Britain in 1963 when the series
first aired. Accompanied by his
companions, the ‘Doctor’ combats a
variety of foes while working to save
civilisations and helping the people in
Actors like William Hartnell, Tom
Baker, Paul McGann, David Tennant
and Matt Smith have played the roles
of doctors over different series of the
show. Peter Capaldi played the role of
the ‘Doctor’ in season 8 and will be
seen playing the same role for the
second consecutive time in season 9.
The new season will also see a line-up
of guest stars like Missy returning
along with Maisie Williams taking up a
new role as her character challenges
the ‘Doctor’.
Meanwhile, the channels are also
bringing the second season of the
American musical drama ‘Empire’. With
FX Torrents, this show too will be
showcased right after its
international telecast. The show will
air at 10 pm every Sunday.
A hip-hop based drama, Empire’s
action starts when street criminal-
turned-hip-hop superstar-turned-
record company mogul Lucious Lyon
(Terrence Howard) announces that he
intends to bequeath his CEO position
to one of his three sons: business-
brained, bipolar Andre; unassuming,
gay musical genius Jamal; or bad-boy
rap starlet Hakeem. He must now
choose which son inherits.
On the very same day though,
Lucious’s ex-wife Cookie swaggers
out of jail after 17 years and
immediately demands her share of the
business. He says no, sparking a love-
hate struggle for control of the
company and the children’s loyalty.
Season two picks up three months
after the arrest and incarceration of
Lucious Lyon. Still in federal lockup,
Lucious is trying to run the empire
from inside, while Cookie attempts to
finalise the hostile takeover of
This season will also see artists from
the music fraternity including
American singer and songwriter Lenny
Kravitz joining the cast along with
rapper, entrepreneur and actor

FX and FX HD to premiere ‘Dr Who’ season 9 and ‘Empire’ season 2 on 4 Oct

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