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FX launches new show ‘The Affair’

MUMBAI: As part of its line-up of new
shows, FX has launched a new show
titled ‘The Affair’. Premiering
tonight, the show will air at 10 pm
from Monday to Friday.
Season 1 of ‘The Affair’ is among the
shows the channel is launching as part
of its revamp. It will showcase over
50 edgy, new shows across genres.
‘The Affair’ is an emotional journey
of a marriage and an extramarital
relationship, a struggle to strike a
balance between life and life’s
responsibilities, emotions,
expectations, memories and more. It
presents the journey of a couple,
Alison and Noah, who are striving to
make things work and make ends meet
while they are caught up in a roller
coaster of their sentiments.
‘The Affair’ stars Dominic West in the
role of Noah Solloway, a writer and a
schoolteacher; Ruth Wilson in the
award-winning role of Alison
Lockhart, a waitress at a local diner.
The story progresses to show how the
two give in to an extra-marital
distraction, battle their moral
dualities, and stand at the brink of
losing everything they have.
FX is all set to enhance weekends by
bringing the latest seasons of new
shows, right after the international
telecast. Season 2 of ‘The Affair’ has
already made it to the list and is set
to air after the first season.

FX launches new show ‘The Affair’

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