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Granada Tv, Mytv and Frontier News channel added on Airtel Digital tv

[color=#ff0000][color=#993300]Airtel Digital tv added 3 more channels today[/color] [/color]

[color=#ff0000]My tv[/color] added on Channel Number: [color=#0000ff]116[/color]

[color=#ff0000]Granada Tv[/color] on Channel Number: [color=#0000ff]144[/color]

[color=#ff0000]Frontier News[/color] on Channel Number: [color=#0000ff]627[/color]


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  1. Thanks Mj
    These all are crap channels. Airtel has enough TPs space and wasted its space to add these crap channels.
    Why airtel does not add Zee HD and Mtune HD?

  2. [align=center]My tv

    Granada TV

    Frontier News


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