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Green TV completes one year, aims to reach 60 mn viewers

MUMBAI: Green TV, a channel
dedicated to India’s vast rural
population, has set a target of
reaching out to 60 million viewers in
the coming year through cable TV
The channel, which completed one
year of operations on 2 September,
now reaches out to over 15 million

Green TV is available on InCable
Digital, Digicable, GTPL, Darsh Cable,
Maurya Digital, Fastway Transmission
and Doordarshan’s free direct-to-
home (DTH) platform Freedish. The
channel claims that it will also be
available soon on Dish TV, Tata Sky,
Airtel Digital TV and Videocon d2h.
The channel is planning to expand to
the African markets, as well as
Indonesia in the near future. It is
available across Asia, Africa, Europe
and Australia, wherever INTELSAT 20
has its footprint.

Apart from conventional cable & DTH,
Green TV’s live feed is available on
mobile devices also as 50 per cent of
the rural population still does not
have electricity supply for more than
six hours, whereas almost every
villager has a mobile phone. Green TV
is already present on the internet via
its Live TV feed.
The channel is also developing several
short web series, apart from regular
25-minute TV episodes and their
shorter edits for the internet. These
will initially be targeted to urban
audiences only.
Commenting on the completion of one
year of operations, Green TV co-
founder and MD Junaid Memon said,
“As far as I can remember, 70 per
cent of India’s population has always
lived in villages. While urban India is
spoilt with a plethora of choices,
rural India remains where it is. The
focus for all marketers remains urban
India. We have over 200 channels
catering to just 30 per cent of the
population. What about the remaining
70 per cent? There is no channel for
those whose livelihood depends only on
information and innovation. Launching
a channel is the least one can do for
this information deprived, and often
misinformed, community. Green TV is
not solely about environmental
awareness, although many of our
programmes are about environment-
related issues.”
The channel provides comprehensive
information on the market and
industry, economic and political
issues, scientific advances, new agro-
input products, latest technology, and
news and analysis on agricultural
development. It addresses national
issues and highlights the problems,
policies and trends in agriculture,
agribusiness and rural development.
It also brings important information
regarding policies and plans made by
government and a number of other
things, which may be of great help to
the farming community. In addition, it
provides entertainment and support
for women and children, educate them
about sanitation and spread
environmental awareness.
Meanwhile, the channel has launched
its ‘Donate Once In A Life
Time’ (DOIALT) campaign, which is
designed and targeted for rural India
as part of its first anniversary
A brainchild of retired IAS officer
Keshav Chandra, the campaign is
intended to initiate a nationwide blood
donation campaign. It emphasises that
if every normal human donates blood
only once in his or her life time, then
there will be no deficit of blood in our
blood banks.

Green TV completes one year, aims to reach 60 mn viewers

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