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Hardisk fix issue

Airtel digital HD > I removed the internal hardisk to copy the files to my PC.

When I tried to fix it back the stb is not accepting the hardisk. When I plug the power cable to the hardisk then the power led goes off immediately and other leds such like remote input indicator, USB and recording turns on, the TV program goes to blank screen.

I also attempted these steps and no use:

– I switched off the stb and plugged the hardisk and started the stb.
– Reset the stb and during restart I plugged in the hardisk.

Please help.


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  1. Yes it is a possibility Boldy.

  2. Check harddisk jumper setting master or slave

  3. Hard Dish power cable is getting short circuited? Did you try putting back the HDD on PC to see whether HDD works fine?

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