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HBO Defined to launch second season of ‘The Knick’ on 17 Oct

MUMBAI: HBO Defined, the premium ad-
free channel, is set premiere second
season of Steven Soderbergh’s turn-
of-the-20th-century drama series
‘The Knick’ in India within just 24
hours of its US premiere.
The show will launch on 17 October at
9 pm.
The season features The
Knickerbocker hospital facing an
upheaval, as Dr John Thackery’s
absence (due to his hospitalisation for
cocaine addiction), a dearth of
affluent patients, and financial
missteps leads the board’s decision to
shutter The Knickerbocker Hospital in
favour of a new building uptown.
While on one hand everyone is
searching for the new path that will
help them survive, the gifted but
under-appreciated Dr Algernon
Edwards jockeys to become
Thackery’s successor as chief of
surgery as fellow doctors, nurses,
nuns and administrators grapple with
challenges at work and in their
private lives.
This season will aim to capture the
era’s unique zeitgeist, with huge
strides in technology transformed
medicine and treatments that were
once thought impossible becoming a
The show stars Clive Owen.

HBO Defined to launch second season of ‘The Knick’ on 17 Oct

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