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HD access fee

D2h would introduce [size=large][color=#FF0000]HD access fee[/color][/size] soon

[color=#FF4500]HD Access Fee for ROI packages[/color] : Rs 125 per month
[color=#FF0000]HD Access Fee for South Packages [/color]: Rs 100 per month
[color=#FF0000]HD Access Fee for South Packages [/color]: Rs 150 per month (inclusive Sun HD channels)

[size=x-large]All HD packages except Platinum and South Platinum HD discontinued [/size]

All HD addon discontinued.

Courtesy: Indianmascot bro.


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  1. Yes package costs increased lot with this access fees 🙁

  2. Post 1 updated so platinum hd pack users have no hd access policy and forces customers to opt highest package.

  3. unless full package details are out cant say if it is good or bad move..

    there wont be much difference in cost wise for south platinum HD as it might cost same or just 5 -10 rs more.

    south platinum cost now is 410rs (if we add HD access of 125 then it will be 535) and right now South Platinum HD costs 541rs..

    same might be for other HD packs

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