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Heavy Pixellation on all channels in Tata Sky Since few days

I do not know if anyone has noticed this but pixellation is very high on all Standard Definition & HD channels running on Tata Sky platform since last few days.

I guess they would add some new chs by over-compressing the already highly compressed channels.

Tata Sky applies de-blocking to smoothen pixels which has further made picture washy as if i am watching a old print


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  1. it looking good only to me for SD channels quality

  2. I believe that from 7th or 8th July they will add some new channels and customers will start receiving messages about the changes. They will also launch the Mpeg2 to Mpeg4 transition scheme from that date i suppose

  3. Ya , check it MJ bhai, its horrible on my 32 Inch new led tv, even on my 29 inch norma color tv pic is washy as tata sky have over-compressed and applied de-blocking

  4. will check by connecting Tatasky box now and see in 32″ LCD to how much they have degraded

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