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History TV18 to present American reality series ‘Appalachian Outlaws’

MUMBAI: History TV18 will premiere
the American reality television series
‘Appalachian Outlaws’ on 5 September.
Airing at 11 pm every Saturday and
Sunday, the show will draw attention
to the trade revolving around
ginseng, a scarce yet valuable herb
native to the Appalachian Mountains.
With global demand skyrocketing,
dealers are eager to get in and with
prices hovering around $1,000 per
pound, diggers are in a frenzy to
harvest the mountain gold.
The plot of the new series, set in a
land which is famous for its feuds,
follows five to eight clans fighting to
claim their share of mountain riches.
Sweeping around 1,500 miles from
New York to Georgia, the Appalachian
Mountains are where a way of life
built around hunting, trapping and
trading hasn’t changed since the
early 1700’s. Furs, ginseng and
moonshine still provide the basis of
the economy as they did from earliest
frontier days.
To prevent over-harvesting in the US,
a few states have started regulating
where it’s legal to pull ginseng, which
has made territorial lines even
blurrier than before.

History TV18 to present American reality series ‘Appalachian Outlaws’

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