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Horizon TV Asia a New free DTH service for India

Horizon TV Asia (HTV Asia) is a Digital Free to Air (FTA) bouquet designed for Broadcasters from South/South-East Asia that transmits on a Ku Band satellite covering 64 countries between Europe, Asia and Africa.


First Asian Free to Air Bouquet on KU Band covering the EMENA/ASIA Region.
Free Home channel entertainment experience while living abroad with a single Dish
and a lot of favorite content for South and South-East Asian expats.
Broadcasters reduce transmission cost by operating on a single satellite instead of
multiple satellites to reach the same coverage.
Allows South, South-East Asian Broadcasters to maximize their potential viewership
in their local and international markets with more advertising revenues for

Managed Broadcast Services based on customer requirements can be provided.
A single satellite source to receive multiple channels on 60-90 cm Ku Band Antennas.
Transmission can be on DVBS2, MPEG4, SD or HD (without encryption).



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  1. Yes ..i am thinking of adding a KU Band Dish to my setup… now i am using side LNB in my C Band Dish.. U know i already have 8×1 Switch .. so nothing more switches needed ..

  2. If they add many fta channels on this and also on that ABS 2 then we can use Mono Block and get all those channels on a Single dish 🙂 Just they need to add Sun TV, Vijay TV then I can also get rid of many things.

  3. Wow!!!! Great news shared Amatan..if I get many Kannada pay channels then surely I will deactivate 1 DTH..

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