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How Sun TV channels consumed ads in peak hours for the quarter ended June

MUMBAI: Even as the ad cap case is set
for hearing on 8 September in the
Delhi High Court, Sun TV Network’s
channels are consuming commercial
airtime much in excess of 12 minutes
per clock hour.
Losing market share in all the
southern states over a period of time
except Tamil Nadu, Sun TV Network is
finding it difficult to grow advertising
revenue by cutting inventory
consumption. India’s largest regional
broadcaster, still a dominant market
leader in Tamil Nadu, has lost pricing
power in that sense.
As a result, the Sun TV channels
across genres are crossing the 12-
minute ad cap regulation, which is
being contested in the Delhi High
Court. Higher inventory utilisation,
rather than increase in rates, is
helping Sun TV Network to post ad
revenue growth.
Sun TV’s GECs
According to data released by the
Telecom Regulatory Authority of India
(TRAI), Sun TV Network’s regional
general entertainment channels
(GECs) are exceeding the 12-minute
ad cap per clock hour by a large
margin during 7 pm-10 pm, for the
period 30 March to 29 June 2015. The
broadcasters have submitted the ad
consumption (commercial and self-
promotional) data to TRAI.
In Tamil, both Sun TV and Aditya
(comedy), in Telugu, Gemini TV and
Gemini Comedy, in Kannada, Udaya TV
and Udaya Comedy, and in Malayalam,
Surya TV have shown on average
13.8–17.57 minutes of ads per hour in
the primetime (7–10 pm).
Among its regional GECs, Sun TV, the
most popular network channel, is the
biggest consumer of commercial
airtime. Gemini Comedy has shown the
lowest duration of ads (13.8 minutes/
In the Telugu GEC market, Gemini TV
is showing an average duration of
16.21 minutes per hour of ads during
the 7 pm-10 pm peak hours, for the
quarter ended 29 June 2015. In
comparison, Zee Telugu consumes
13.93 minutes of commercial airtime
while Maa TV’s stands at 12.97
In the Tamil GEC market, Sun TV is
showing an average duration of 17.57
minutes per hour of ads during 7
pm-10 pm. In comparison, Star India’s
Vijay TV consumes 14.18 minutes of
commercial airtime.
Udaya TV’s ad volume is lower as it
consumes 14.64 minutes per hour of
ads during 7 pm-10 pm. Suvarna is not
far behind (14.10 minutes) while Zee
Kannada is at 13.83 minutes.
In the Malayalam GEC market, Surya
is showing an average duration of
15.83 minutes per hour of ads during 7
pm-10 pm compared to market leader
Asianet’s 14.10 minutes.
Sun TV’s movie channels
Kannada movie channel Udaya Movies
has the lion’s share with 17.68
minutes of ads per hour, followed by
Malayalam movie channel Kiran (17.42
minutes), Telugu movie channel Gemini
Movies (16.92 minutes) and Tamil
movie channel KTV (16.48 minutes).
However, among the Hindi movie
channels, B4U Movies has highest ad
time of 18.69 minutes per hour.
Sun TV’s music channels
Even music channels do not lag behind
in overstepping the limit. The Sun
Group’s music channels in all four
markets have an average ad time
ranging from 14.29 minutes to 17.31
minutes in the primetime.
Kids genre
Among Sun TV’s kids channels, Telugu
channel Kushi TV follows the 12-
minute ad cap. In the three other
markets, namely Tamil (Chutti TV),
Kannada (Chintu TV) and Malayalam
(Kochu TV), the channels have
average ad time of between 14.98
minutes and 12.31 minutes.
Q1 financial performance
The data for the 30 March–29 June
period captures the first quarter of
the financial year 2015–16 (FY16).
Sun TV’s ad revenue was up 15.7 per
cent to Rs 323.9 crore (Rs 3.24
billion) in Q1 compared to Rs 280
crore (Rs 2.80 billion) in the earlier-
year period.
According to Sun TV Group CFO SL
Narayanan, the growth in ad revenue
came from volumes and very little
from price increase. “It is largely
volume. The utilisation in some of our
niche channels like comedy, movies,
and news is definitely got better and
that is what delivered these
numbers,” he told media analysts.
“I think volumes have sustained
better than what it was in the earlier
quarters. That is what has helped and
here and there. Based on the demand
and supply in certain channels and
time bands, we have also tweaked the
rates, so these together have
contributed to the growth in ad
revenue. If you want to know the
average advertisement, we have been
doing around 17 to 18 minutes at the
peak level. In some of the small
channels, we touch around 12,” he

How Sun TV channels consumed ads in peak hours for the quarter ended June


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