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I am getting 72% quality and 99% signal but 0 on other channels

I have recently moved from airtel to sun direct. I have leaned to align the dish from online (maybe here). Now I am getting 72% Quality and 99% signal on info channel, sun tv but 0%signal and quality on all other channels in other TP. I thought there might be some obstruction so I moved the the dish to open place. Even Now the problem persists. If I search I am getting only 32 Tv channels. So again I went to my neighbours house to get all channels . all channels are getting signal with my ST box. I dont know whats wrong with my dish. Help Me !!!


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  1. Nice guide dthguide and mj786.

    @TS got signal now?

  2. also try tweaking lnb skew little

  3. Did u try restoring factory default? Recently sundirect changed symbolrate of other tps to 32000 and those tps you are not getting signals now,and in the pictures i can see 2 tps like one with 30000 and other with 32000 symbolrates

    try doing factory reset and hope it solves your issues as far as i can think ,otherwise only experts can help more on it

  4. what about signal % on 12523 v 30000 tp from big tv

  5. the image of STB here https://www.dropbox.com/s/h6o8qj8r1doksdm/DSC_0390.JPG

    In attempt to tune I lost the signal for TP 12316 too.

  6. he STB is OPENTECH provided by sun direct . I can’t find any other name in the STB

  7. can u let us know which model STB you are using and provide images of your menu signal if possible

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