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ICC suspends USA Cricket Association

MUMBAI: The International Cricket
Council (ICC) board, exercising its
power under Article 2.7 of the ICC’s
Articles of Association, has
unanimously decided to suspend the
membership of the USA Cricket
Association (USACA) with immediate
The decision to suspend USACA was
made after careful consideration of
the findings set out in a recently
constituted review group report to
the ICC board on the status and
activities of USACA – a comprehensive
document based on input from over
100 stakeholders, including USACA –
and followed a meeting with USACA
representatives during the ICC annual
conference week.
The review group expressed
“significant concerns about the
governance, finance, reputation and
cricketing activities of USACA”.
The suspension means that USACA will
not be entitled to receive any ICC
funding nor will it be entitled to
determine whether cricket matches
and events staged in the US should
have the status of approved or
disapproved cricket. Instead, the ICC
will make that determination, in
accordance with Section 32.2 of the
ICC Operating Manual.
However, the ICC board, in its
absolute discretion and considering
that the players should not suffer due
to this suspension, has confirmed it
will allow the USA cricket team to
participate in next month’s ICC World
Twenty20 Qualifier 2015 in Ireland
and Scotland. The USA U19 team will
also be permitted to play in the
upcoming Americas U19 Championship
in Bermuda.
ICC chairman N. Srinivasan said, “The
ICC Board has made this difficult
decision after careful consideration
and in the best interest of the game
and all cricketers in the USA. The
country has tremendous potential but
because of governance, financial and
cricketing challenges, the opportunity
to grow the game is not being
properly nurtured.
“The ICC board had put USACA on
notice in its January meeting this
year and had hoped that it would show
some urgency to address and improve
in the areas that were identified as
weaknesses. Unfortunately, the
response to date has been inadequate
and it has proved necessary for the
ICC board to take further action.”
In order to have its suspension lifted
and its membership reinstated, USACA
will be required to demonstrate to the
satisfaction of the ICC Board, by
reference to detailed and specific
evidence, that conditions relating to
governance, finance and its cricket
activities have been addressed and
remedied in full.
As part of the follow-up to the
board’s decision, the ICC chief
executive – assisted by the
management and representatives of
the BCCI, CA, ECB and the WICB – will
assume responsibility for monitoring
USACA’s efforts to satisfy the
reinstatement conditions on an
ongoing basis.
The same group will also seek to
support the development of a
meaningful strategy for the future
promotion and development of cricket
in the USA, including through the
appointment of a locally-based
advisory group and unification of all

ICC suspends USA Cricket Association

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