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Images of Ntv News on tatasky

Here are images of newly added Ntv News telugu channel on Tatasky today. This is the last dth to add this channel 🙂



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  1. wont the people have ever seen that channel anywhere else?is that so exclusive channel that none of them have seen it before?if he dont have that channel in his package or if he does not use tatasky then what is the need to post images from other source like cable tv , cband or other dth and fool members there.he should tell that it is not from tatasky.Is it just for competition that he posted , well only he or his forum might know.but thats purely shameless act.

  2. Only Jignesh can answer you why he do so. 😀

    And about me as i am using tata sky i had posted,may be his tata sky validity go off so he posted from fta tb. 😛

    Now a funny guess 😀
    If D2H add a new channel they may post that channel pic from tata sky/dishtv ,They may do it so in future 😀

  3. one question, i just checked few other forums and found something strange thing.
    in one forum posted by one admin bapun it has tatasky logo,but in another forum that admin jignesh post without tatasky logo and calling it as Pics.what message that is sending?whats the need to post images from some other source in that thread without giving the information that it is not from that particular dth.really sarcastic and funny not able to able the worthyness of it.even in this image above we can see tatasky logo Y letter watermarked

  4. right,this channel is there on dishtv,airtel,reliance,sundth,d2h so tatasky is last to add now.

    @mj786 nice quality image !! Is this quality of tatasky or your snapping ability that is making this image look good quality

  5. Last DTH 😀 😀

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