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It seems that Tata Sky accepted my feedback

Just yesterday evening i had forwarded an e-mail to a very senior person of Tata Sky telling a brilliant way as to how Tata Sky can right now add many new channels and seems tonight they are doing those changes, here is what i had suggested to them-

”Firstly ma’am your team can choose a transponder to be used for only MPEG4 channels, like if they choose transponder 11470 Horizontal for it then now they need to shift all MPEG4 channels to this transponder, this can be done in the following way –

If suppose your team shifts Kiran TV channel from transponder 11510 Horizontal to transponder 11470 Horizontal then first your team can shift this channel to 11470 Horizontal and shift the channel which is running in MPEG2 on transponder 11470 on whose slot Kiran TV has been added to transponder 11470 Horizontal, that MPEG2 channel can be shifted to transponder 11510 Horizontal as that slot will be vacant after shifting of Kiran TV channel from transponder 11510 Horizontal to transponder 11470 Horizontal has taken place . Ma’am this process can be followed for all other MPEG4 channels so that they are shifted to one transponder 11470 Horizontal and corresponding channels on whose slot these MPEG4 channels are added to 11470 Horizontal transponder , they can be shifted to the slots/space on the that transponder from where these MPEG4 channels were removed.

This way now you will have 16 MPEG4 channels in one transponder 11470 Horizontal currently plus 2 or 3 MPEG2 channels in same transponder 11470 Horizontal. Those 2 or 3 MPEG 2 channels in transponder 11470 Horizontal can also be shifted to other transponders as when more channels from other transponders are migrated to MPEG4 and shifted to 11470 Horizontal transponder thus creating corresponding space for the MPEG2 channels in corresponding other transponders.

As per my calculation by this way even if you currently have 16 standard definition channels and 2 or 3 channels in MPEG2 on one transponder so this way ma’am right now too Tata Sky can add about 14 new standard definition channels or 3 High Definition and 5 Standard Definition channels in MPEG4 on transponder 11470 Horizontal easily and customers will also be happy.”

MJ bhai , Satish Bhai plz confirm if this is what Tata Sky team is doing

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  1. i am not following those that much closely, its thanks to satish that we are able to know those updates
    But as far as i think, they are going to keep 2 tps for MPEG4 .

    anyway keep giving them ur inputs as and when u get time.who knows sometimes it might do good for them .

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