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ITV Network to launch India’s first ultra HD channel

European networks TERN (Television
Entertainment Reality Network) SES
has tied up with India’s ITV Network
to launch Insight, a UHD (ultra-high
definition) factual entertainment
channel. The channel will feature
content, co-created alongside global
production houses, including Zodiak
Media, Off the Fence and Strix
Television. The launch would be
announced at MIPCOM on October 5 and
would reach around 60 million homes in
Europe and India.
Mariam Zamaray, chief executive of
TERN, said, “With viewers increasingly
watching content on multiple devices,
broadcasters and advertisers must
continually find new ways to connect
with viewers.”
“In response, Insight goes beyond
simple viewer interaction to
incentivise and reward audience
engagement. We are investing in
creative, cost-effective and
innovative ways to produce the best
UHD content.”
ITV Network will be in charge of
distribution in India. Currently, UHD
is a fairly new service on direct-to-
home platforms like Tata Sky and
Videcon d2h. Due to the lack of UHD
content, both these operators provide
programmes on their respective UHD
Factual entertainment is a space that
seen a lot of traction for HD content
and consumption. The documentaries
make use of the superior resolution
to provide a detailed viewing
experience and hence, the genre has
seen good response to the HD
platform. Production houses and
broadcasters like BBC productions and
Discovery already have content that is
shot is UHD globally.

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  1. MUMBAI: Netherlands-based Television
    Entertainment Reality Network (TERN) has
    teamed up with Kartikeya Sharma’s iTV Network
    to launch an ultra-high definition (UHD) factual
    entertainment channel called Insight in India.
    As part of the partnership, iTV Network will
    operate the channel in India on behalf of TERN. It
    will hold the licence for the channel. It will also
    oversee transmission, distribution and ad sales of
    the channel.
    TERN will provide the content. It has co-created
    200 hours of exclusive content for the channel
    alongside industry-leading production houses
    including Zodiak Media, KIEM and Strix.
    The channel, which went live today in Europe, will
    be launched in India as and when a deal is inked
    with a distribution platform.
    TERN is owned by a UK-based company called
    General Satellite, which provides technology
    solutions to pay TV platforms.
    “We are launching a UHD factual entertainment
    channel in Europe today. In India, we have
    partnered with iTV Network as our local partner
    for playout and broadcasting the channel. Content
    is owned by us, iTV will run the channel on our
    behalf. They also have the licence for the
    channel,” TERN CFO Andrew Spriggs told
    “We are relying on them as our technical partner
    for playout and satellite broadcast in India. We
    are working with them on a revenue basis as a
    distributor to position ourselves with our bouquet
    of channels into the main pay TV platform and
    then extract advertising revenue out of it,” he
    The partnership is limited to linear platforms. For
    non-linear platforms, TERN will chart an
    independent strategy.
    Without ruling out the JV route in future, Spriggs
    clarified that there is as of now no joint venture
    or equity component in the partnership.
    “At the moment, there is no JV or equity
    partnership. We are working closely with them,
    and downstream our conversation might move
    down that direction, but I can’t comment on that
    any further at this point,” he stated.
    The tie-up is part of iTV Network’s expansion
    plans, which include venturing into regional
    entertainment besides adding to the existing fleet
    of news channels. It already owns and operates
    seven news channels including NewsX in English
    and India News in Hindi.
    Spriggs revealed that the Indian partner is in
    negotiations with leading multi-system operators
    (MSOs) and direct-to-home (DTH) platforms to
    distribute the channel.
    The large take-off of UHD TV sets globally as well
    as in India has prompted TERN to launch a UHD
    channel. Unlike most linear channels Insight will
    have interactivity so that viewers can chat about
    the content on social media.
    In India, the two partners will pursue an ad-plus-
    subscription revenue model. On the distribution
    front, TERN prefers a revenue-share model so
    that everyone has investment in the success.
    “The business model is effectively going to be pay
    TV subscription model, which we will use to
    engage with advertisers. With UHD, at least you
    are able to engage the audience closely and wrap
    it around social media applications,” he averred.
    Apart from TV, TERN plans to monetise its
    content on non-linear platforms. “We will be
    offering our content on over-the-top platforms
    and video-on-demand as well,” Spriggs said.
    On the content front, the channel will have reality
    shows, documentary formats and sports
    programmes targeting the 18–45 male
    demographics. The aim is to get into sports that
    appeal to people in the Indian subcontinent going
    “The first step is programming for global audience
    in English. Developing localised programming is
    one of the important things, which is why we
    have aligned with a partner like iTV Network in
    India,” he pointed out.
    Spriggs expects the channel to be in a financially
    strong position in 18–24 months. The channel
    will be subsequently rolled out in other markets

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