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JAIN HITS – Direct to Network (DTN)

JAIN HITS, this is Direct to Network (DTN) service. A division of Noida Software Technology Park Ltd. (NSTPL)
HITS as we know is Headend in the sky

HITS communication satellite is at 62.5East

This is more beneficial for cable operators

How will cable operator benefit from partnering?
1.Go digital and comply with all legal, regulatory and content requirements with investments as low as Rs 12 – 15 lakh within legal timelines.
2.Offers 200 to 500 TV services with MPEG 4 quality.
3.High Definition Service.
4.Better consistent quality than DTH.
6.Sell consumer hardware and utility products such as smart devices, tele-shopping etc.
7.Increase revenues by 5 times, per subscriber.
8.Helps you focus on the market share by giving you the freedom from regulatory and content concerns.
9.Hassle-free operations.

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