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Jain Hits launched in Telangana / Andhra Pradesh

JAIN HITS has launched now in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh regions. and cable operators can get this and provide its service to customers
As per the information i got, cable operators need to pay around 15lakhs.. and might get some 50 boxes free.. Each box is going to cost around 3500rs for customers.
more details will be updated as we get..

JAINHITS offers the latest technology, MPEG-4 Digital TV Service, HD Channels, Interactive Services, Broadband and other Value Added Services

JAINHITS service offers more than 250 channels, an exciting mix of General Entertainment Channels (GEC), Sports, News, Movies, Music etc.

First what is Jain Hits

JAINHITS is a Satellite–based Digital Cable TV Distribution Platform which provides digitised and encrypted satellite TV signals directly to the Cable Network Owners. This is the only Direct-to-Network (DTN) service in India. This system has an advantage of having a centralized Conditional Access System (CAS) and Subscriber Management System (SMS).

JAINHITS has partnered with Motorola – world’s leading technology solution provider as its Technology Partner and Intelsat – world’s largest Satellite Company, as its Satellite Partner. JAINHITS services are available at Intelsat 902 Satellite.

JAINHITS offers Triple Play Service throughout India – Video, Data & Voice. It delivers more than 250 digital channels (including SD & HD), Broadband Services, Interactive and other Value Added Services.

JAINHITS aims to build digital highways through an active network of Independent Service Operators (ISOs)/Local Cable Operators (LCOs) across the country.


NSTPL is a leading satellite communication operator providing B2B video and data services in India.
Key services provided by NSTPL include:

Uplinking and downlinking of domestic and international TV channels beaming to the Indian Ocean region. NSTPL currently operates two state-of-the-art Ground Stations in Greater Noida, NCR and Hyderabad. The company serves more than fifty (50) national and international broadcasters
Video and Data engineering services
Digital Satellite News Gathering (DSNG) services
Broadband services
Hot-bird platforms on Intelsat’s IS10 and ISRO’s INSAT 4A

NSTPL is a closely held ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

Headend-In-The-Sky (HITS): A Heads Up

HITS is a Satellite Communication Distribution Platform, which:

HITS licensee enters into an agreement with Pay and Free To Air (FTA) broadcasters. Various broadcasters, then send their signals.
Collects signals from various broadcasters at a central location (Ex: NSTPL Teleport at Greater Noida, NCR).
Encodes all the received signals in a uniform format after decryption.
Combines the signals with Conditional Access System (CAS) for transmitting them through Satellite across the country.
Any Cable Operator, anywhere in India can downlink these signals using JAINHITS authorized Mini-downlink headend.
These digital signals once downlinked can directly be transmitted by a Cable Operator using the existing last mile network to a subscriber’s home.
The subscriber can now view these digital quality signals using a compatible Set Top Box (STB).

JAINHITS will build digital highways through an active network of Independent Service Operators (ISOs/LCOs) across the country.


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  1. [quote=’Amatan’ pid=’27029′ dateline=’1408271468′]
    In Tamil Nadu also same situation. Earlier DMK’s SCV and now ADMKS’s ACC.
    we can’t do anything for this.

  2. In Tamil Nadu also same situation. Earlier DMK’s SCV and now ADMKS’s ACC.

  3. Thanks MJ786 bro for exclusive news.But I think it will not get success in Telangana and Andhra region.In Hyderabad Hathway is leading and it is having major share in Hyderabad.In Andhra Local people cable having political influence and they will not allow these kind of new technologies.That is the reason in Andhra I think not even a single digital cable providing HD channels.all HD customers from DTH only.

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