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Jingalala Saturdays Actve Cooking, Actve English, Actve Games & Actve Wizkids is free

Hurry!Press ACTVE on your Tata Sky remote

Actve Cooking, Actve English, Actve Games & Actve Wizkids is available free to all Tata Sky subscribers all through Saturday, 31 Dec 2011 only!

FAQs on Jingalala Saturdays Offer on Actve Services:

1. What is the special Offer on Actve Services ?
As part of the Jingalala Saturday special 1 Day Offer on 31 Dec’11, all subscribers get the following Actve Services-Actve Games, Actve Cooking, Actve English & Fun Learning Pack FREE for a day

2. I already have Actve Games Pack. How can I get the benefit of this offer?
If you have already subscribed to any of the Actve services, for example say Actve Games Pack, then there will be no benefit passed on. You may go and access the other services free of cost for today

3. How is this offer being communicated to the subscribers?
“The offer is being communicated through multiple mediums”:
1) Channel 100
2) Alert
3) SMS
4) IVR”

4. How can I avail the offer?
All Tata Sky subscribers will be provided with the following 4 packs:
– Fun Learning,
– Actve English,
– Actve Games &
– Actve Cooking
free of cost for day. Subscriber does not have to initiate a package add. The content will be directly provisioned by Tata Sky. On the promo day, subscribers can enjoy the content for free by pressing the Actve button on your Tata Sky remote & selecting the service as desired.

5. After the free promo for a day, will I be charged automatically?
No. The free content of Actve Services is being provisioned for a day only. If you have not subscribed to the services before 31 Dec, you will not be able to access the services on 1st Jan’12. To be able to view the services from 1st Jan’12, you will have to opt for the services.

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