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Jingalala Saturdays Offer for 12/09/2015

Jingalala Saturdays Offer “ENGLISH MOVIES PACK”
at Re. 1/- for 1st month
To get the Offer
Give a Missed called on
07815078150 offer valid only on
12th September 2015


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  1. Good offer.

  2. Tata Sky Jingalala Saturdays English
    Movies Pack Offer (‘Offer’) is a
    promotional scheme which is being
    offered by “Tata Sky” Limited to its
    Eligible Subscribers. Eligible
    Subscribers shall mean a Tata Sky
    Subscriber who has an Active Account
    Status and does not fall within the
    category mentioned in B (1) of the
    General Terms.
    Under this Offer, on 12th September
    2015, Tata Sky will offer English
    Movies Pack to its Eligible Subscribers
    at a discounted rate of Re.1/- for
    the initial period of thirty (30) days
    (‘Initial Period’) instead of the
    regular price of Rs.75/- per month
    charged by Tata Sky. For avoidance of
    doubt, it is clarified that if the
    Eligible Subscriber wishes to (i)
    continue to avail the English Movies
    Pack beyond the Initial Period, or (ii)
    discontinue the English Movies Pack
    subscribed by way of this Offer, and
    then again subscribes to the English
    Movies Pack at a later date, if made
    available by Tata Sky, then the
    Eligible Subscriber shall be charged
    the regular price of Rs.75/- per
    month or such other price as may be
    charged by Tata Sky at that period of

    To avail this Offer, the Eligible
    Subscriber has to subscribe to the
    English Movies Pack on 12th
    September 2015 anytime between
    00:00 hours to 23:59:59 hours by any
    of the following methods:

    Missed call: By giving a missed call on
    0 78150 78150 from the Registered
    Mobile Number (‘RMN’) of the Eligible

    Tata Sky website: By logging on to My
    Tata Sky on http://www.mytatasky.com .

    Helpline: By calling the Tata Sky
    helpline number 18602086633.

    After subscribing, the Eligible
    Subscribers will be able to watch 13
    English movies channels including 4 HD
    channels in the English Movies Pack at
    channel numbers 341 to 357 (both
    channels inclusive). The English
    Movies Pack may also contain High
    Definition Channel(s). Therefore,
    the Eligible Subscriber must pay Tata
    Sky the HD access to view the HD
    Channels in the English Movies Pack.


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