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Lamkong Channel started on Thaicom

[align=center]Lamkong Channel has started on the frequency 3482 H 30000 on Thaicom 5 located at 78.5 degrees East.



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  1. He is here and I am not posting against him just telling his jalras (Chumchas) are so lazy even to type and they are posting to increase their post counts. He should ask them to type and praise him with new words each time so that it will be good for him. Same words repeated boring to read. There is ‘like’ button they can simply press it and go to hell but instead boring and insulting him with same words.

  2. Please no fights and mentions about some one who is not here.

  3. Well Said Amatan, some pupil simply like praises and for that sake they post there and the admin there has more duplicate ids so he uses those to praise him so that he keep posting there,here no one praises with one words like fast update,super fast update.

    This forum has more sensible senior members

  4. Dont mind same people same text good update …… (ji, bhai, bro). ji, bhai,bro are interchanged rest of the content will remain same these are fake praises for increasing post counts. I dont think anyone going to watch those channels in India to get really happy and praise the thread starter.

  5. you posted first late updater are getting praises

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