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Low signal on DD Direct Plus

Frequency 11070 is having no signal at present. Anyone facing similar problem? Signal from other frequencies also reduced.


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  1. Gsat 8 also having problems since its launch. That is why it is idle.

  2. INSAT 4B is facing continues issue , GSAT 8 laying unused can’t guys what is happening in ISRO..

  3. INSAT 4B Is Running Out of Fuel (Might Be Govt Corruption Has Resulted In Bad Low Quality Parts).. Higher Frequency Woking and It Will Also STOP

  4. Again DD+ is not coming. Sun Direct HD is coming nicely.

  5. For me also it is back and now it is stronger than earlier 🙂

  6. The signals are back again for all the frequencies. 🙂

  7. Something going wrong with this. This already happend some time back and now again same thing.

  8. For me 11070 & 11570 have no signal. All other TP’s are showing from around 25% to 50%.

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