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Maa GOLD official Launch tomorrow at 7pm

Maa Gold officially launching and starting transmission from tomorrow 7pm.

Currently the Maa Group has stopped Maa Junior channel since they started Test signal of Maa Gold channel.


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  1. i saw post in some forum telling that maa junior has stopped is it true?

  2. [quote=’Dishtvrockz’ pid=’5871′ dateline=’1328516036′]
    this channel only available on Dishtv 🙂
    Are you talking of Maa Junior or Maa Gold?
    In Dish TV, Maa Junior has been replaced with Maa Gold

  3. this channel only available on Dishtv 🙂

  4. what happend to Maa junior?

  5. The channel was launched yesterday. Here is the launch video


  6. Will it be a just name change or have good contents, only time will tell……

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