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Mahesh Bhatt to host a show, says TV content quality up

MUMBAI: Having been a part of the
evolving television industry for over
two decades, veteran film-maker
Mahesh Bhatt feels the quality of
content has improved drastically.
Speaking to TelevisionPost.com, Bhatt
said: “In terms of employment and
revenue generation, I think the
locomotive of the entertainment
industry is currently television. There
are brave endeavours being made in TV
and I think the quality is going up in
leaps and bounds.”
Bhatt is gearing up to host a new show
named ‘Khwabon Ka Safar with Mahesh
Bhatt’ on The Epic Channel. Slated to
launch in October, the show will have
Bhatt presenting the history of
various Bollywood studios and the
films which were shot in them.
“I think it’s a privilege to talk about
our predecessors, the original dream-
makers and to explore the world of
those times, the dawn of the
entertainment industry,” Bhatt says.
Being a finite series, the shooting for
the show has already concluded.
Viewers will get to know about the
history of studios like Raj Kamal
studios, Filmistan, RK studios and
Filmalaya studios.
“It’s a narrative of the great people
who were architects of these great
studios. They shouldered the film
industry as it stands today. If the
show succeeds, I think there would be
a season two as there is much more to
the story,” he explains.
Bhatt entered the television medium in
1995 with two TV series, ‘A Mouthful
of Sky’ (in English and written by
Ashok Banker) and ‘Swabhimaan’ (in
Hindi language and scripted by Shobha
He directed another TV series ‘Kabhie
Kabhi’ in 1997, which was written by
Anurag Kashyap, Vinta Nanda and
Kamlesh Kunti Singh.
Bhatt also hosted ‘Haqeeqat’ in 2001
on Sahara TV. It was a docudrama
series based on the human rights
In recent times, the film-maker was
involved with ‘Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi
Jaane’ on Sony Entertainment
Television, which recently went off
the air.
Bhatt is producing the social-based TV
show ‘Udaan’, presently airing on


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