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Mana TV Channels started from GSAT 8 , 55 E

G SAT 8 at 55 E has started transmission i think and current can see 1 active TP showing 4 Mana tv channels, these channel were stopped from 57 e few days ago.. and now available on new tp from 55 E

here are ss of the channels




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  1. some images of Mana tv channels 1, 2, 3, 4 from Gsat 8 at 55 East. currently Mana tv 1 is showing Board of Intermediate education program , lecture about Lok Sabha

    other channel mana tv 2, mana tv 3 and mana tv 4 are just showing test screen.


  2. tatasky dish will get this i hope

  3. will tatasky get this satellite,previously there were rumours like gsat 8 tatasky will move or dd dth

  4. 😀 😀 they might have left offices at 4.55 itself

    T P details for this feed is 11685,H,3332 , FEC 2/3

  5. [quote=’MJ786′ pid=’7312′ dateline=’1332331339′]
    yes, this is ISRO feed tp 🙂
    Yes as all of them left with 5pm bus to their respective homes, so chairs are empty.

  6. yes, this is ISRO feed tp 🙂

  7. Old one is also now active. Good to see.

  8. yes.. all the 3 were running education programs for long time.. hope to see few more tps active soon

  9. Few days back HRD minister had told about 1000 channels can be transmitted from GSAT 8 at 55.0E.

    Good to see the satellite started transmission. Hope to see more channels on it in the coming days.

  10. Here the freq: 10968 V 10850

  11. what is the freq mj? i will also try

  12. Good news MJ. Atlast that satellite has started its regular transmissions.

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