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Many channels reshuffled in Tatasky transponders….

Tatasky reshuffled many channels in the Transponders…
Details → http://www.dthhelp.net/Thread–Tatasky-and-Tatasky-HD-updates-from-Insat-4A?pid=48264#pid48264


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  1. All the HD chs scattered across diff tp’s inbetween the SD chs r being shifted to 11630 H & 11670 H, SD chs present on these 2 tp’s r being shifted to other H & V tp’s. I believe after making these two tp’s exclusively for HD chs, they will add new HD chs too on them or may be if they r full then they will add on a new V tp too

  2. Waiting for addition of Jivi Shoppe, Best Deal TV and Shop Direct TV on Tata Sky

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