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Max brings back comedy fillers ‘Bittu Bak Bak’ and ‘Max Fully Deewana’

MUMBAI: A year after launching short
format comedy fillers, Hindi movie
channel Max has brought back the two
comedy fillers ‘Bittu Bak Bak’ and
‘Max Fully Deewana’.
The two-minute comedy fillers have
been interspersed through the day in
a bid to go beyond movies to entertain
its viewers. The fillers will see known
comedians Krushna Abhishek and
Bharti Singh share screen space with
new additions comprising comedians
Vikalp Mehta and Sugandha Mishra to
double the comedy quotient.
Max and Max2 senior EVP and business
head Neeraj Vyas said, “For a channel
which provides its viewers with a wide
assortment of movies, Sony Max has
always aimed at going beyond movies
to entertain its viewers and give them
that little extra to keep them coming
back to the channel. Comedy fillers
are a novel concept and outright
funny which also acts as a stress
buster for the viewers.”
This year audiences will see 60 filmy
gags which will see a few changes.
For instance, ‘Bittu Bak Bak’, the
quintessential classroom setup, will
now have comedian Krushna Abhishek
don the role of a lady teacher Rosy
Ma’am. Mischievous student ‘Bittu’,
played by Bharti Singh, develops a
crush on the new teacher.
On the other hand, ‘Max Fully
Deewana’ will encapsulate the
philosophy of the channel ‘Deewana
Bana De’ by showcasing spoofs on
some iconic scenes of Bollywood. The
filmy gags will feature Krushna
Abhishek, Bharti Singh, Vikalp Mehta
and Sugandha Mishra play out
memorable scenes from Bollywood in a
comic manner.
Comedian Krushna Abhishek said, “The
new series of ‘Bittu Bak Bak’
features a new character, a lady
teacher. Earlier Bittu was taught by a
male teacher with whom he shared a
‘tom and jerry’ kind of a relationship.
However, Bittu has developed a crush
on the female teacher and shares a
better rapport with her. Similarly
with ‘Fully Deewana’, we have done a
lot of new spoofs on recent movies
like ‘Kick’ and ‘Tanu Weds Manu
Bharti Singh added, “We do not want
viewers to go anywhere between
movies and thus, this concept of the
comedy fillers helps keep them glued
to their TV sets. It just makes their
television watching experience a lot
more entertaining.”

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