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Measat 3B Construction completed, now in storage preparing for a 2014 launch

NewSat Completes Construction…Puts A Bird In Storage + Trades Shares

[SatNews] The construction of NewSat’s Jabiru-2 satellite has successfully been completed and the satellite is now in storage preparing for a 2014 launch.

Chief Technology Officer, David Ball noted, “We are pleased Jabiru-2 construction is complete and look forward to working with MEASAT as we continue to prepare for launch.”

Jabiru-2 was photographed during the pre-shipment review that took place this month. A large geostationary satellite, the MEASAT 3b satellite which hosts the Jabiru-2 payload has been built on the Astrium Eurostar 3000 platform. A reliable supplier, Astrium currently have 54 satellites in orbit, 12 under construction and this year accumulated more than 470 years’ successful operation in orbit.



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  1. Amatan ,

    Measat 3B has 4 Beams (Malaysia , Indonesia , India & Australia) and 48 Ku Band TPs.

    NewSat is new satellite company , operating in Australia. It leased 6 Ku band TP’s in Australian beam from Measat 3B and marketing with Brand name Jabiru-2.

    Same-way Measat booked few TP’s in Newsat’s Jabiru-1 (will be launched in 2015) and Measat will market it under Brand name Measat-3C


  2. Is this satellite available for use with Sun Direct and Reliance Digital TV? But Jabiru 2 doesn’t have coverage as per their site.

    “Highly targeted Ku-band
    Jabiru-2’s Ku-band payload will deliver 216 MHz of highly targeted “raw” capacity over high demand regions including the Pilbara, the Kimberley, Western Australia’s North West Shelf, Timor Gap, Timor Leste and Papua New Guinea. These high intensity “hot zones” will provide more efficient solutions to support large bandwidth applications, employee productivity and operational efficiency.”

    Jabiru 2’s coverage as per their site:

  3. Good news for sundirect and RDTV users.

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