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Measat 3b Scheduled To Launch On Sept. 12

MEASAT Global Berhad (“MEASAT”) announced today the MEASAT-3b satellite has been scheduled for launch on 12 September MYT (11 September GFT) from the European Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana.

“MEASAT is pleased to be able to confirm the revised MEASAT-3b launch date,” said Paul Brown-Kenyon, Chief Executive Officer, MEASAT Satellite Systems Sdn. Bhd. “Once operational, MEASAT-3b will be a key contributor to the Asian pay TV landscape, supporting Direct-To-Home television platforms serving more than 18 million households.”

MEASAT-3b’s 48 high-powered Ku-band transponders will expand Direct-To-Home and VSAT services across Malaysia, India, Indonesia and Australia. MEASAT-3b will be co-located with MEASAT-3 and MEASAT-3a at 91.5°E, creating the region’s most powerful and robust orbital location.

Updates on the MEASAT-3b launch can be found at http://www.measat.com/3b.

Source: Measat


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  1. it will take about 4 weeks the get the sat the require position of 91.5 deg and it will take about 1 month time to check the sat and its tp are working fine

    it all depend how fast they may be able to test and give tp to their clients ie sundiret, big tv , astro malaysia etc

    may be by oct end or mid dec

  2. Good news. Hope, they will start to add new channels after 4 weeks from today…

  3. An Ariane 5 ECA has successfully launched two telecommunication satellites on Thursday. Optus 10 and MEASAT-3b both rode uphill on the Arianespace workhorse out of the European Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana, following lift off late in the launch window – due to two technical holds – at 22:05 GMT.

  4. They all take 4 weeks but our GSAT 🙁

  5. MEASAT-3b/Jabiru-2 is one of two satellites to be carried by Arianespace flight VA218, a dual launch from the European Spaceport in French Guiana. Following the launch, the satellite will undergo in-orbit testing and will be placed in operational service approximately four weeks after launch.


  6. Optus 10 ready for launch on Ariane 5 Flight VA218
    Friday 29 August 2014

    Arianespace has announced that the Optus 10 spacecraft has undergone its fit-check and fueling for a dual-passenger mission targeted for September 11 from French Guiana on Arianespace’s Ariane 5 Flight VA218 mission. Optus 10 will be the sixth satellite launched by Arianespace for Optus and is outfitted for direct TV broadcast, internet connectivity, telephone and data transmission services across Australia and New Zealand. It will be joined on Arianespace’s next mission by the MEASAT-3b relay platform, which will expand DTH broadcasting and VSAT services across Malaysia, India, Indonesia and Australia for Malaysian-based MEASAT.


    This is very critical because , earlier Optus 10 test failure forced to postpone the launch date.

  7. Coming for Sun Direct Powerfull days.

  8. may be by Nov end or Dec first week we can expect some fire works from sundirect side if launch goes as per schedule

    hope for the best

    as measat3b has 48 ku band tp

    out of which astro has booked 18 tp for Indonesia/ Malaysia

    6 tp are booked for australia region

    so their is about 24 tp left which can used by sundirect / reliance

  9. No, i dont think possible from October , maybe 2015 only
    hope for best

  10. October will be the month for Sun Direct….

  11. one month still to go.. lets see 🙂

  12. Once it is launched we can start speculating more tps and more channels for Sun Direct and Reliance Digital TV !

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