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MEDIA ONE GLOBAL feed on Intelsat 17

MEDIA ONE GLOBAL feed on Intelsat 17 on the frequency 4124 H 1680.



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  1. I get praises in PM with daily atleast 2 to three PMs.

  2. good update amatan bro, he should be ashamed thats why not opened new thread saying it left. He still has lot to learn from you guys here 🙂 He often keeps posting wrong informations and still members there blindly praise

  3. Now the feed has left. So why not him create a thread telling the channel itself left from the new frequency? 😆

  4. He might not understand Malayalam so it is new for him.

  5. oh its just feed but other forum mentioned it as new channel and new frequency :lol::lol:
    that is difference between Amatan and that person who jumps forums

  6. good update, so now feeds also on this sat

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