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Media One has started on Intelsat 17 Test transmission started now.

Media One, I think a Malayalam tv channel has started on Intelsat and it has replaced SHREE S7 TEST. Cannot post any screen shots as presently it is just black screen. Hope some thing comes soon.

Satellite Intelsat 17 at 66 East.
Frequency: 4006 H 14400

Update: Edited the title as test transmission also started. Screen shot in the last post.


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  1. Now they started Test Transmissions.


  2. [quote=’Amatan’ pid=’11445′ dateline=’1348808342′]
    This channel affiliated to Congress or Communists?

    More worse.

  3. This channel affiliated to Congress or Communists?

  4. [quote=’lnb15k’ pid=’11424′ dateline=’1348681015′]
    Media One, I think a Malayalam tv channel has started on Intelsat

    [align=justify]Mediaone TV is the next phase of an experiment. It comes as the fulfillment of a long cherished need just like Madhyamam daily. We are here to promote an alternative media culture that strengthens human values. Through each and every visual and sound we oppose injustice, violence, communalism and promote healthy dialogues that help to know each other. Our intention is to give voice to the voiceless. We ultimately aim to utilize visual media to promote goodness and engaging in independent, creative efforts in this direction. We adhere to promote an alternative aesthetic culture.

    Mediaone intends to redefine the conventional visual media formulae based on value-based journalism. While political, commercial, religious and caste factors used to govern the mainstream Malayalam media, Mediaone choosing a path of difference. Empowerment of minorities, dalits and other marginalized sects will always been Mediaone’s mission. It will take prime role in upholding the democratic values.

    Providing an atmosphere of independent journalism has always been one of the main concerns of Mediaone. Thus Mediaone will realize the concept of an alternative media culture. Following the path of ‘Madhyamam’, it will prove that ethical journalism is not just desirable and possible but feasible too.

    Mediaone will spread its network to middle east from the very beginning of its telecast backed by the Gulf Madhyamam which is the leader amongst Malayalam newspapers in the Middle East.

    It is expected that Mediaone TV will bring about drastic changes in the broadcasting arena. Besides news and news-based programmes Mediaone TV will telecast value entertainment programmes as well. It will be the only family TV in Malayalam. The dynamic journalists of Mediaone TV, backed up by the legacy of Madhyamam, will ignite a new visual fiesta.

    [url=http://www.mediaonetv.in/index.html] [color=#32CD32]Home Page[/color] [/url]

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