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mgm channel discontinue

Thanks-television post(original post)-MUMBAI: MGM Channel is being discontinued. A notice to this effect has been issued by direct-to-home (DTH) service provider Tata Sky to inform its subscribers.

“MGM will cease to be on our DTH platform from 15 August 2015 as the channel is being discontinued by the broadcaster,” the notice read.

An email sent to MGM for comment went unanswered. The MGM Channel features movies from the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer library.

In 2000, MGM, in partnership with Zee, launched Zee MGM. The channel launched in the same year as HBO and the strategic tie-up ran for four years. A key point for the channel came in 2002 when Ajay Trigunayat took over as its head. The channel was rebranded with a new logo. One of the aims was to put forth the message that the channel was about the lion’s share of Hollywood. It was also about showing good movies at all times.

The channel was able to achieve this promise because of the library depth that ran into thousands of movies. Being a lot about its own library, the challenge of making sure that output deals were present was not there. The channel aim was not just about big titles; it was to focus on quality all the time.

Under Trigunayat, one thing done was the creation of thematic slots. For instance, primetime on Monday focused on romance. The channel did its best to serve various genres. However, it did not bring exclusive rights for all MGM titles to the channel. So new James Bond movies aired on Star Movies instead of Zee MGM. The tie-up with MGM expired in the early part of 2004.

In 2005, after a bidding war that included Time Warner (the current parent of Turner Broadcasting) and General Electric, MGM studio was globally acquired by a partnership consisting of Sony, Comcast, Texas Pacific Group (now TPG Capital, L.P.), Providence Equity Partners, and other investors. The deal was said to be worth $5 billion. Sony had a 20 per cent stake.

When Pix launched in 2006, it focused on library films. MGM was one of the studios that they got film

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